medical masks

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Rockwood Superintendent Dr. Curtis Cain gave a Safe Together update to the Board of Education on Aug. 4, outlining the district’s plans for mitigating COVID-19 in the new school year. Dr. Cain shared that Rockwood would start the school year mask-optional and not engage in contact tracing.

“We will continue to work with our health professionals, and we will lean on our communicable disease policy to make a pivot in a building if that becomes necessary,” Dr. Cain said. “But we are in a different place today than we have been with vaccine availability and percentage of those vaccinated, and we are well equipped to respond to COVID as we have to other illnesses in our schools.”

Parkway also reviewed and approved a new updated Pandemic Response Plan at their Board of Education meeting on Aug. 10. Face coverings will no longer be required and they will no longer utilize a building-level threshold to determine if people should be wearing them. Parkway is also ending contact tracing and quarantining. They will now apply their standard communicable disease policy in response to COVID, treating it like other infectious diseases.

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