Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

It is interesting that a local reader, Susan Suchy, is so well connected that she knows how appalled Joe Biden is about the Ukranian war. She criticizes the paper for its Republican character. Then, she uses the Biden administration and the left-leaning tactic of accusing Star Parker of stupidity.  If you don’t agree with the left you get labeled racist, homophobic, liar, stupid or some other derogatory term, and Susan fell right in line.

Ms. Suchy, Parker has an opinion and a medium with which to express it. You have been granted access to that medium to express your opinion. Obviously, you have a different view of things so instead of denigrating Parker why not make your case thoughtfully and with reasons so there can be an intelligent discussion about the differences?  After all, that is why the Founding Fathers emphasized free speech. 

I don’t always agree with Parker, but she isn’t stupid for making her case. She has a right to do so and I have a right to disagree if I so choose. Without intelligent discussion, our country has become and will remain split between factions unwilling to listen and to be heard by making reasonable and well-thought-out arguments. Name-calling and confrontation won’t make your point any more acceptable.

Richard Dear

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