Remember who will owe who for this Rockwood National Education Association endorsement.  Lynne Midyett, Kary Bachert and Bob Cadigan all accepted endorsements by the RNEA. If you think these candidates will be independent decision makers as Rockwood Board of Education Directors, think again. 

An endorsement from the RNEA means it's an endorsement by the NEA itself. There is no difference.  It is a Top to Bottom political action organization. 

The NEA (all levels) pressured to keep your kids at home to "learn" remotely. 

The NEA (all levels) pressured to keep your kids masked. 

The NEA (all levels) has destroyed student performance by pushing “woke/social justice” educational policies over fundamental apolitical educational necessities of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, Civics and History. 

I urge you to reflect about the lockdowns and remote learning mandates of 2020 and 2021 when you consider your candidates. Remember what that did to your kids, your neighbors’ kids, your nieces and nephews, your grandkids.  Remember, the NEA pressured the FBI to declare parents who questioned school policies “domestic terrorists”. Please research how test scores and grades overall have plummeted the last few years in the public-school systems including Rockwood.  There is real opportunity on April 4th to continue much needed reforms at RSD. 

Will you vote for the NEA or will you vote for independent thinkers and doers Tom Dunn, Rich Wierzba and Trisha Katzfey?  

Don't allow a great opportunity to pass into the abyss of regret and remorse.