Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: 

Jackie Gingrich Cushman (Sept. 8) sounded so much like her father. Having nothing but negative comments is not constructive and offering ideas that could have been positive would be much better.

When Trump was in office and anything went wrong he was sure to pass the blame on to someone else. People who tried positive interjection were ignored or fired or quit and then Trump said he fired them.

Getting out of Afghanistan was the thing to do and I wish it had gone smoother. The world looks to the U.S. to solve all of the problems or at least pay for them. Much larger participation by other nations is a question I asked and did not find an answer to.

The Taliban have no assets and need the world to help them which hopefully means they will become tolerable. If the European Union and neighboring middle eastern countries would do most of it the onus should not be on the U.S. again.

Gregory B. Powers