Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Recently reporter April Ryan from The Grio, an American digital TV channel geared toward African Americans, asked Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg if his department would begin looking into and correcting the problem of “racist roads.”  

As a typical liberal mouthpiece he did not miss a step and explained how the highway system and other transportation problems were designed to “keep Black and Puerto Rican children from getting to the beaches.”  He professed that the heights of the overpasses kept buses from traveling under them, thus they are racist blockades. No mention though that buses that carried white children, which are the same size, could escape under the obstructions. 

Much of our road systems were designed and built in the 1950s and ‘60s, so there is a modicum of truth to this narrative. Many neighborhoods in poor Black sections were taken by imminent domain to build this infrastructure; many zones were divided and as we look back there may have been some disregard to these blighted areas.  

I am sure the good secretary wants to light a torch to ‘virtue signaling’ and make those in these minority neighborhoods jump for joy since the blockades are soon to be moved, removed or “reimagined” as the left likes to refer to their ‘fix-all.’ Maybe the people in these zones would rather have the government concentrate on the broken schools in the public education system, or allow more charter schools (that are getting shuttered), reduce the crime rate, or maybe get inflation under control; not only at the grocery store but at the gas pumps as well.  

Maybe that is what the camera-hungry race baiters should focus on when they feel that there is no equality in regard to race instead of worrying how concrete roads are the major issue. 

Michael Sargent