In addition to the trail reconstruction project in Chesterfield’s Eberwein Park, the dam on the west side of the pond needs repair after it was found to be leaking.

The trails in the park had erosion problems that have impacted them since their initial construction.

Horner and Shifrin’s design completely relocates portions of the trail, which have been closed since 2020, James Eckrich, director of public works, said.

“The new trail design lessens the grade of the trails (in order to eliminate the erosion) and connects both sides of the park, resulting in a superior trail experience,” Eckrich explained.

Kozeny Wagner began construction on the trail project Aug. 1. However, when excavating a new section of the trail, it was discovered that the pond was leaking. In addition to several leaks, there were a number of trees and stumps found in the dam.

According to the city’s engineer, repair will require removing the dam and reconstructing it with a clay liner and piped overflow structure. The pond would be excavated to allow for an appropriate depth. Without remediation, the trail would terminate on both sides of the dam.

At its Sept. 6 meeting, the council approved the additional project for the dam with Kozeny Wagner, in an amount not to exceed $275,000, with a transfer from the Parks Fund Reserves. The council also approved an agreement with RV Wagner for the extension of Main Circle Drive in Central Park north from the roundabout to Veterans Place Drive, in an amount not to exceed $598,000.

The 2022 budget includes $1.6 million for improvements to Central Park related to the 2020 property acquisition. This funding was generated through Certificates of Participation. Construction is set to begin next year.