Ballwin City Hall

Ballwin City Hall (Source: City of Ballwin)

Everyone knows that when emergency vehicles approach, all other forms of road transportation need to move aside to let them pass.

That said, it was imperative that Bill 4143 was introduced at the Nov. 14 Ballwin Board of Aldermen meeting. It added a somehow overlooked definition of emergency vehicles into section 1.2 of the city’s code of ordinances.

“This is just to stay in line with state statutes, correct?” inquired Mayor Tim Pogue.

“It was originally intended that way because of the addition of the municipal park ranger language,” City Attorney Robert Jones said.  “But when I looked for the most appropriate place to insert that, I learned that we don’t even have a definition of emergency vehicles in our code. So, this is a new paragraph altogether. (Police) Chief (Doug Schaeffler) looked at it as well, and it’s consistent to the state law.”

The new Ballwin wording for emergency vehicles reads as follows:  "A vehicle operated by the State Highway Patrol, the State Water Patrol, the Missouri Capitol Police, a Conservation Agent or a State, County or municipal Park Ranger, those vehicles operated by enforcement personnel of the State Highways and Transportation Commission, Police Department or Fire District, Sheriff, Constable or Deputy Sheriff, Federal Law Enforcement Officer authorized to carry firearms and to make arrests for violations of the laws of the United States, traffic officer or Coroner or by a privately owned emergency vehicle company."

The bill passed unanimously.