Ballwin Welcome Sign

It’s official. The Cascades and Charleston Oaks subdivisions will become part of Ballwin starting Jan. 1. That decision came as a result of unanimous approval of each site at the Nov. 28 Board of Aldermen meeting.

City Administrator Eric Sterman noted that the St. Louis County Boundary Commission in its October meeting approved both annexation proposals. However, that paperwork may not be ready until after Ballwin’s Dec. 12 meeting. The city will likely cancel its Dec. 26 meeting, so Sterman made sure both bills would be voted on right away.

Sterman confirmed that the city took no action to solicit the annexations. Those subdivisions approached the city, so they were all done on a voluntary basis.

“What we have been receptive to is, if subdivisions approach us and say they’re interested, we’ll meet with them and explain the process," Sterman said. "They would proceed to get a simplified boundary adjustment, which is to get a petition from 75% or more of the registered voters in that area to be annexed. Then, it goes before the boundary commission and the board of aldermen. If those bodies approve the annexation, then it can happen without votes from the public.”

Charleston Oaks Drive, Charleston Oaks Court, Leicester Square Drive, Leicester Square Court and Galloway Oaks Drive were included in the Charleston Oaks acceptance. That’s because they are presently owned by St. Louis County. So, they’ll simply be transferred as part of the boundary adjustment, while the Cascades are currently private with its streets owned by its homeowner’s association. 

Sterman added that City Attorney Robert Jones, City Planner Shawn Edghill, the Charleston Oaks trustees and he will have to generate a plat to be adopted separately to bring those streets over. That step may not take place until after the new year. 

Mayor Tim Pogue inquired about the maintenance of those streets.

“We obviously wouldn’t provide maintenance in terms of any sort of repair or rehabilitation until we actually own the streets, but that’s not typically done in the middle of the winter, anyway," Sterman said. "In terms of snow plowing, leafing and other things, those are things we would certainly do starting Jan. 1.”